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Transfer Company refers to Lulić d.o.o.
Passenger refers to a person using Transfer Company's services, for a fee.
Vehicle is a vehicle with 5 to 9 seats, including driver's seat, which is used exlusively for passenger transfer purposes.
Transfer confirmation is a document enabling passenger to exercise their right to Transfer Company's services, under the hereby listed Terms and Conditions.

Article 1.
The following General Terms and Conditions establish the terms between the Transfer Company ("Company" in further text) and the Passenger using their services in public land transport, and the conditions under which the Company is executing its services towards the Passenger and their belongings.

Article 2.
With the Contract of Transfer ("Contract" in the further text), the Company commits to safely transfer the Passenger and their luggage, according to the previously arranged route and itinerary, and the Passenger commits to pay the Company for the service provided. The existence of the Contract can be proved with the Transfer Confirmation.

Article 3.
Transfer Confirmation contains the name of the Company, dates, time, route and the price of the Transfer. Transfer Confirmation may be generated electronically/digitally or printed on paper.

Article 4.
Transfer Confirmation is generally issued for a individual Transfer Reservation, i.e. for a single or a return Transfer, and with it, it commits the Company to execute the service on the specified date, time and route, as listed on the Transfer Confirmation.
Return Transfer enables Passenger to use Transfer services on both first and return trip, for the previously arranged route, and commits the Company to provide the service on the specified date and time, as listed on the Transfer Confirmation.
Passenger is obligated to confirm the date and time of the Transfer for the first and return trip, at least 24 hours before each trip.
Booking of a Transfer only commits the Company to execute the service if the Passenger confirms the booking.

Article 5.
Change of date and time listed on Transfer Confirmation is possible if the Passenger sends a request for change via email or a telephone call to the main Company's office at least 5 hours before the Transfer. It's the Passenger's responsibility to ensure that all Transfer details are correct.
Change of Transfer dates and time is not charged additionally, but change of the starting and/or ending destination or type of the vehicle, will be charged according to the prices for specified routes/vehicle.
If the Passenger doesn't notify the office of the change of desired departure time, the Company cannot be held accountable in case of a late arrival.
During the booking of a transfer towards the airport and when choosing departure time, the Passenger needs to keep in mind that, in general, it's advisable to be at the airport 2 hours before the flight, and therefore, 2 hours need to be added to the length of the transfer to avoid being late for the flight.

Article 6.
After receiving the Transfer Confirmation, it's Passenger's duty to carefully examine the details, and by accepting and agreeing with the details listed in the Transfer Confirmation, the Passenger accepts full responsibility for the outcome of the Transfer.
The Passenger is obliged to notify the Company's customer service of any errors in the Transfer Confirmation immediately. If the Passenger doesn't notify the Company of any errors in the Transfer Confirmation, all the details will be considered correct.

Article 7.
The Company has the right to withold the Transfer Confirmation or refuse to execute the Transfer if passenger's behaviour is causing material damage to the Company, is harrassing other Passengers or the Company's employees.

Article 8.
The Passenger is obliged to enter and exit the vehicle at the departure and destination points specified in the Transfer Confirmation. The Passenger is required to make sure the Transfer is conducted with the Company designated in the Transfer Confirmation.
The Passenger is required to appear at the collection point at previously agreed departure time. The Company does not have an obligation to execute the transfer if the Passenger is late for the departure time. The Passenger is required to be available on the contact number he previously provided the Company with.
If, during the course of the Transfer, the passenger requests a short pause for refreshment, he/she is required to return to the vehicle within the previously agreed time frame. Company is not required to have its vehicle at disposal and wait for the Passenger if he/she does not abide by this agreement and decides to arbitrarily extend the time period of the short pause.

Article 9.
The Passenger is required to carry the Transfer Confirmation in digital or paper form and to present it upon the request to an official authorised by the Company.

Article 10.
The Company has the right to withhold the Transfer Confirmation or it can refuse to execute the Transfer if it determines the passengers' safety cannot be guaranteed. This regulation is especially applicable in situations where the Transfer must be organised for one or several passenegers with disabilities who require specialized transportation.

Article 11.
The Company can refuse to execute the Transfer or to abruptly cease providing its service under the following conditions:
- the Passenger's behaviour is harassing the Company's employees
- the Passenger's behaviour threatens the safety of employees and other passengers
- the Passenger's behaviour disrupts the transfer service

If any of these conditions cause the Transfer service to be terminated the Passengers will be issued their belongings and requested to vacate the vehicle. In such circumstances the Company is entitled to retain the amount that was previously charged for the Transfer service.

Article 12.
If the Passenger intentionally or due to negliegence damages the vehicle, he/she is obligated to compensate the Company by covering for the additional expenses generated by their irresponsible behaviour.

Article 13.
During the course of the Transfer the Passenger is required to properly use the seatbelt and to abide by the neccessary safety procedures mandated by the official legislature such as the Road Traffic Safety Act. The Passengers are not allowed to abandon their seats and to move around until the vehicle stops to disembark them.
In the case of a traffic accident, the Passenger will be considered responsible for all possible consequences (injuries, loss of belongings etc.) that transpire as a result of their insufficient abidance of safety procedures.

Article 14.
The Passenger is required to conform to the traffic norms and regulations of all countries where the Transfer is being conducted, as well as to all procedures pertaining to neccessary documentation the Passenger is requested to carry (passport, visa, other indentification papers) or to Passenger's belongings.

Article 15.
The Passengers are required to provide the Company with a valid contact number and e-mail address if they wish to receive proper notification regarding possible updates in their reservation.

Article 16.
Formal complaints have to be submitted at the most 30 days after the date on which the disputed Transfer service was or had to be conducted. Formal complaints must be submitted exclusively in the written form (e-mail) to the official e-mail address.
The Company is obligated, within 30 days from receiving a formal complaint, to issue a response and to report to the Customer (Passenger) on the status of the complaint.

Article 17.
The Company is responsible for determining the price of the Transfer service which is then published accordingly on the official webpage, as well as the official sales points.
The Company reserves the right to grant various commercial concessions to certain passenger categories it determines are elligible to be allowed a discount.

Article 18.
The Company will accept reservations and offer its service to any person that conforms to the standards stipulated in the general terms and conditions.
The transfer service will be denied to the following Passenger categories:
- children under the age of 14 who are not accompanied by their parents or legal custodians. Exceptionally children under the age of 14 may be allowed to use the transfer service unaccompanied if the Company obtains a legally certified permission from their parents or legal custodians.
- children between the ages of 14 and 18 will be allowed to use the transfer service unaccompanied if the Company secures permission from their parents or legal custodians (permission may be informal) under the conditions they possess adequate indentification documents
- passengers whose clothes and belongings have been contaminated to the point that other passenger or the vehicle may likewise become contaminated
- passengers who are intoxicated with various substances (alcohol, drugs)

Article 19.
For any damages to the Passenger caused by the abortion, delay or cancellation of the transfer, the Company is not liable in cases it was caused by weather or road conditions, or where they weren't direct result of Company's recklessnes.

Article 20.
Hand luggage are considered items that can be carried into the vehicle, and placed in the designated place, where the Passenger is in charge of it..
Hand luggage are generally items smaller in size, such as hand bags,etc., that can be placed in the boot of the vehicle or the passengers may keep them on their person or under the seat, in a way where they don't disturb other passengers.
Transport of hand luggage mentioned in this article is not charged extra by the Company and is not responsible for the loss or damage of the same.

Article 21.
Standard-sized passenger luggage are considered items such as suitcases, backpacks, large duffel bags etc., with maximum weight of 25kg per item.
The Company may, at the Passenger's request, accommodate two items of luggage at most (out of which one item can weigh up to 25 kg max., while the other luggage peace must be standard sized hand luggage), or more, if there is enough space and doesn't overload the vehicle.

Article 22.
The Company is liable for the damages caused by the loss or damage of the passenger luggage or/and items, in the maximum total amount of 350.00 EUR.
The Company is not liable for the damages to the aforementioned luggage if it wasn't properly packaged, and as such, it was exposed to potential damages.
It's the Passenger's duty to declare if the value of the items is higher than the aforementioned maximum cover when handing over the luggage to the driver, and enable the driver to inspect the luggage.
Valuables, important documents or other costly items, are to be kept in the Passenger's hand luggage.

Article 23.
It's Passenger's duty to reimburse the Company for the damages caused by the contents or condition of Passenger's luggage/items.
Dangerous items such as explosives, flammable items, items of unpleasant odor, perishables and/or acidic items that can hurt or foul other passengers, damage the vehicle and other passengers' belongings, cannot be accepted into the vehicle.

Article 24.
From animals, only trained guide/service dogs accompanying a passenger can be boarded into the vehicle. With permission, it's possible to transport other smaller animals (e.g. cats, small dogs etc.) if the passenger provides/secures appropriate carrier/crate.

Article 25.
It's Passenger's duty to take all their belongings with them when leaving the vehicle, both hand luggage and the luggage stored in the boot of the vehicle.
All items that are subsequently found in the vehicle will be handed over to the authorised Company employee.
The Comany is not responsible for the items found in the vehicle after the completion of the transfer.

Article 26.
In accordance with business privacy policy, the Company commits to treat all the information provided to them by the Passenger for the purpose of realisation of the Contract of Transfer and/or the purpose of issuing a document upon which the service can be carried out as confidential and secret, and never share that information without Passenger's explicit permission, except in cases where required by law or other authorised governing body.
Amendments, additions or removal of Passenger's data is performed upon written request, sent via email address by using the Contact form on the Company's website (Subject: Protection of Personal Data).

Article 27.
These General Terms and Conditions are put into effect, and available on the Company's website, as of April 1st 2016.







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